Share Your Heart Touching Stories

Dr. & Master Sha invites you to share the experiences  you have received from connecting with his offerings through a heart touching story

This could be from Dr. & Master Sha's Tao Song "Touch a button" Tao Calligraphy, Tao Water or many others.

Help us to spread the message to humanity who may also need to experience the powerful offerings that Dr. & Master Sha has brought to the world.

Share Your Heart Touching Stories In 3 Simple Steps

Step #1

Your personal heart touching story has the power to motivate and inspire others to experience the powerful and potentially life changing services that Dr. & Master Sha has to offer to the world.

Click the button below to upload your heart touching story and be inspired by previous stories.

Step #2

Record a short video you have received from Dr. & Master Sha's offerings such as (Tao Song"Touch a button", Tao Water, Tao Calligraphy or any other service that you have received a positive experience.

You have power in your message and the world needs to hear it.

Step #3

Upload your heart touching story.

At the click of a button your story will be sent to our team who will be responsible with sharing your message through Dr & Master Sha's social media, emails and even featuring your story on Dr & Master Sha's website for other to become inspired by.

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Previous Heart Touching Stories

Tao Song, Tao Calligraphy Testimonial

Amazing wonderful so grateful to Master Sha for this service.

I can feel the healing and light penetrating my lungs and opening my airways during the practise.

Amazing, very grateful.

Tao Song, Tao Calligraphy Testimonial

Greatest Gratitude dear Master Sha. Every time I practice with this video, my whole body relaxes
Heart becomes deeply peaceful and calm.It has become my stress management tool for beginning and ending my day.

 Cannot thank you enough for this awesome creation ,thank you all teams , thank you everyone.

Tao Song, Tao Calligraphy Testimonial

Such a beautiful and soothing animation Field for our healing & rejuvenation of heart… 

I feel such quiet peace when listening to these precious 13 minutes. Even though a recording, the power is immense! Deeply grateful I got this “Touch the Button”!

Share Your Heart Touching Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my story be shared?

Your story may be shared on Dr. & Master Sha's social media accounts, emails and on his website.

Do I need to share my personal Identity within my story?

No, although many others will share their names attached to their story this is not compulsory.

Why do you want me to share my story?

Your own personal stories and experiences are a powerful way to motivate and Inspire others to to also experience Dr & Master Sha's offerings helping to spread the message to the rest of humanity who may also need these offerings.

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